Auction Properties Auction Properties


Buying properties can be daunting for some; however, we have extensive experience in dealing with these types of purchases and are able to help explain the process in a clear and jargon-free manner which will set your mind at ease, allowing you to rest assured that your purchase is being overseen by industry professionals.

We have many years of experience in the real estate market in the UK and can also help to advise investorsand future landlords as well as negotiating:

  • The highest investment payoffs.
  • The lowest possible mortgage deposits for a buy-to-let mortgage.
  • The most appropriate insurance covers for your properties.

Benefits of an auction property purchase:

  • Cheaper price for a property
  • Quick completion
  • Contract exchange during an auction
  • A large selection of niche properties
  • Properties often unavailable on the market


Direct authorisation by the FCA since 2011 Customer Credit Licence Data Protection Licence High company credit score


Experienced manager available personally, who helps throughout the whole process of buying a property.


If our client does not get a mortgage, we don"t take any broker fees. NO MORTGAGE=NO BROKER FEES


We guide throughout the whole process from A to Z. We make sure there are no setbacks.