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Guardian Dog is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. We are an Independent Mortgage and Protection broker who is targeting foreigners living in UK. We already helped dozens of Eastern Europeans as well as other nationals to get on the property ladder & secure the future of their families. Our office is located in the centre of London.

Insure Yourself and Your Family

The Guardian Dog is an independent broker supporting Poles in the UK. We recommend all insurance products for you and your family. Our experts approach each issue individually. We work only with insurers that have more than 90% solvency, so you do not have to worry about paying compensation

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Live in a Dream Place

The Guardian Dog also deals with professional real estate brokerage. With us you will find a perfect place for an investment, a house or a flat for yourself. We also provide comprehensive assistance in the field of mortgage loans and investment service of the premises

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The Guardian Dog as an organization is aiming to be a part of the creation of freedom, wealth and abundance for ALL, one person at a time.

We believe that every humanbeing deserves the life of Fullfilment and that the only thing that is standing between is the lack of proper information, knowledge and guidance that is optimaly put into use.

The base point of that is financial education which we provide on the meetings with you and your family to make sure that you are fully aware of how you can maximize the benefits and prepare for the risks of your current financial situation.

We are here to create value in your life & business and as INTEGRITY is the core value of our organization -

We always keep our promise. 

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